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Strategic Plan 2022 to 2024

Our Vision

To inspire and enrich for life.

Our Mission

We welcome our community to engaging spaces where people connect, ideas flourish, and lives are transformed.

Image: Central Library

Our Values


Our values are a reflection of who we are and what we strive for as a library. The principles of equity, inclusion and belonging are present in all that we do. Everything from our spaces to our services is designed to value diversity, foster belonging and respect individual needs.

We believe our impact is greatest when we all work together. We build intentional partnerships and nurture those relationships so that together, we contribute to a thriving Kitchener.

We champion the right for ideas to be heard and questions to be asked without judgement or censorship. By providing access to all sides of a story, we empower you to make your own informed opinion. Your privacy and choices are respected.


People are at the heart of all we do. We treat everyone with respect and approach every interaction with compassion. We strive to deliver exceptional service that honours the unique needs and experiences of each person.

We act with integrity and are accountable to each other and the community. We are responsible stewards of public resources and are committed to the sustainability of our services, spaces and resources.


We nurture curiosity and celebrate imagination. We do not shy away from trying new things or pushing the boundaries of a modern library. We continually adapt to meet the needs of the community.



Image: The library supports and evolves with the community

"What makes the library an extraordinary place is its ability to evolve alongside the community it serves. While the values in our 2022-2024 Strategic Plan serve as a compass to guide our work, there is also plenty of room to adapt and respond to the community’s needs."
- Stephanie Soulis, Kitchener Public Library Board Chair

Strategic Directions


The library belongs to the community, and everyone in the community belongs at the library. Beyond being welcoming and accessible, in both our physical and virtual spaces, we are responsive to the ever-changing needs of those around us.

Every voice is welcome, heard and respected. Through learning from each other’s unique experiences, we become a place that truly reflects the community. We embrace diverse thinking and promote inclusivity in all forms.


The library is where knowledge is shared and content is created. Asking questions and exploring new ideas is encouraged. We facilitate learning by connecting you to thought-leaders and experts. We also actively listen to the thoughts and opinions of a diverse community; through our own growth and understanding, we develop programs and services that exceed expectations.

Equal and equitable access means that everyone has the chance to discover, experiment and explore. The library provides access to all the technology and tools needed to thrive today and tomorrow. More than that, we empower individuals to use those tools in creative new ways while also building core skills like critical thinking and problem-solving.


Image: The library promotes all forms of literacy

"We love to surprise, delight and challenge what people imagine when they think of the library. Our collection is impressive, but that is just the tip of who we are. Beyond championing literacy in all its glorious forms, we also intentionally remove barriers so that no one is left behind." - Mary Chevreau, Kitchener Public Library Chief Executive Officer