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Stories That Move You


Stories That Move You

We’re pleased to help celebrate the launch of Ion service, the largest infrastructure project in Waterloo Region history, and one that will help shape the story of how we live and move for generations to come. Using public transit is a great option – a choice that is more sustainable for our planet, increases community connection and engagement, manages urban development, and protects our countryside.

While you’re on the train, you have a unique window of time in your day to read the latest mystery or romance novel, listen to the newest hit song, catch up with the front pages of newspapers from around the world, or even learn a new language.

Kitchener Public Library can help! In addition to borrowing physical items, your library card offers free access to millions of online items, available to stream or download.

So we asked regular transit users: What are the stories that move you?


History That Moves You

Welcome aboard the ION time travel train!

As part of the Stories that Move You Project, we’re highlighting local history, from the Grace Schmidt Room, along the route.

Click an ION stop icon on the map to discover interesting history, facts and lore about our communities.