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Pay Online

How to pay your fines and fees online

To use the online payment option, you must owe fines of at least $3.  If you owe less than this amount, the online payment option will not appear.

Sign in to your account. If you have unpaid fines of $3 or greater, click on the amount owing. A list of fines will appear.

  1. Click the Pay Online button to be taken to the payment form. Fill in the required information and select which fines you want to pay. You do not need to select overdue fines - these will be cleared when the item is returned. Press the Submit button.
  2. Review the confirmation page, and press the Submit button to process your payment.
  3. If the payment is accepted, you will see a receipt of payment on the screen. The fines you selected to pay will no longer appear on your account.  If the payment is declined, a message will appear describing the error, and you will be directed back to the original payment form.
  4. If you provided an email address on the payment form, you will receive an email receipt of the transaction.

Payment options and conditions

  • Online payments can be made by credit card only. Debit cards are not accepted.
  • You may choose which individual fines or fees you want to pay, or choose to pay them all at once.
  • Individual fines must be paid in full.

Minimum payment is $3.

Detailed terms & conditions