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November Digital Living Banner: G Rated for Kids

G-Rated: For the Kids!

For the first time, Digital Living is dedicated to the kids!

When you think about digital library content, we hope you’ll also think about children’s content. The best reasons to access children’s resources online are that the content is free, it does not have advertisements and it is often educational! We have platforms that are geared just for kids, like Tumble Books, LOTE Online for Kids, and Teen Book Cloud. Plus many of your favourite services like Hoopla, Summa and DownloadLibrary have dedicated Kids modes. November 20th is the Day of the Child, which is about celebrating children as active citizens. So what are you waiting for? Check it out today! 

Kidz' Favourites

All the best pop music titles made for a younger audience. Sing-along with these top-charters that everyone knows the words to.